Ever felt the thrill of unlocking a prize so big it feels unreal?

We’ve spent three decades mastering that magic, and we’re pumped to reveal our latest game-changer: Prize Indemnity Number (PIN) Service!


Teaming up with Anisimoff Legal and backed by Lloyd’s of London insurance, we’ve got you covered—literally.

Businesses, fundraisers, sports clubs, and charities across Australia & New Zealand, this one’s for you.

Pick a PIN

Choose a number between 1-250.

Enter Digitally

Quick and easy digital entry.

Win Big

Match your PIN with our prize envelope and the major prize is YOURS!

We Handle the Nitty-Gritty

From terms and conditions to permit fees, we’ve got the admin sorted so you can focus on the fun stuff.


Sky-high participation rates

Hassle-free experience


Through loyalty card sales, member discounts and prizes, we help both not-for-profit and business organisations to grow a strong and loyal customer base.

Success Story

Our recent InstaPrize scored a sports brand a $25,000 win, setting the stage for a mind-blowing “Chance to Win a Million Dollars” promo!

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Loyalty Cards are available in physical or digital form, and each card features its own unique Electronic Voucher Discount Code (EVDC) that allows discounts at Australia’s top retailers ( or you can choose your own), and registers them for the draw to win prizes.

Loyalty then donates a fixed amount to the charity of the customer’s choice, or the rewards funded back to the customer’s credit card via our new Partners Platform.

Premium Loyalty Cards are fully compliant with all Australian law. Our processes are supervised by the top Australian lawyer firm Anisimoff legal, and all our prizes are insured by Lloyds of London policies.