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L o y a l t y . c o m . a u

CREATING  Loyalty REVENUE and PROMOTIONS to build customer loyalty since 1992

For 30 years, Loyalty has been behind hundreds of successful launches, brand awareness and customer growth campaigns through selling Loyalty cards, rewards and game-based incentives.

We help Australian businesses to grow with new and repeat customers creating instant revenue. Businesses like 9 AFL clubs, Jetstar, Alana Madeline Foundation, Symbion Health, News Corp, Qantas, Paralympics Australia and the Australian Volunteer to Coast Guard.

Join them. Grow your brand and your customer base through selling and offering Loyalty Cards to your members. Let them benefit from discounts at Australia’s top retailers and be invited to win fantastic prizes!

All while you reward your customers for their continued relationship with you.

Promote Your Brand 24/7 with Our New Partners, Brand Ninja’s Latest Generative AI Technology

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Through loyalty card sales, member discounts and prizes, we help both not-for-profit and business organisations to grow a strong and loyal customer base.


Paid loyalty is proven to change behavior. In 2021, McKinsey & Company conducted a survey, showing just how effective paid loyalty is.


More likely to buy weekly

since joining


More likely to choose brand
over competitors


More likely to spend more
on the brand


We’re excited to announce our great association with Brand Ninja, a game-changing generative AI platform designed to revolutionize the digital marketing landscape.

Brand Ninja empowers us to train AI agents that seamlessly automate our entire digital marketing process, streamlining our operations like never before.

The platform’s distinct end-to-end approach brings with it a wealth of benefits. It drastically reduces the cost per content unit by up to 90%, giving us more value for our marketing investments. Furthermore, it unlocks round-the-clock brand conversations, tailor-made to convert, ensuring our voice is heard 24/7.

What truly sets Brand Ninja apart is how it liberates us to focus on the uniquely human aspects of our work. By taking care of repetitive tasks, it frees up our time, enabling us to engage in deep creative work and innovate on our strategies.

One of the most impressive feats of Brand Ninja is its ability to cut down the time it takes to move from strategy creation to tangible results. With its help, our brand is consistently present in the news cycle, striking the perfect tone that resonates with our audience.

Joining forces with Brand Ninja has been an absolute game-changer for us, and we can’t wait to see where this partnership takes us in the digital marketing realm.



Our $20 subscription programme is a winwin deal designed to instantly reward yourr supporters.
When supporters make a $20 contribution, we reciprocate by sending a digital $20 voucher code, delivered conveniently to their inbox or via text.
This voucher grants access to our reward programme for 12 months. And the best part? After the initial 12 months, the supporters $20 subscription can be renewed automatically via email, offering a seamless continuation of benefits.
Supporters have the flexibility to opt in or out at any time after the first 12 months.
Each subscription not only supports YOUTHTOWN but also opens a world of savings for supporters, who gain access to our promotional online store and enjoy significant discounts like 25% off on Hoyts & Event Cinema movie tickets deals via the Goody app getting cash off at great brands like Bunnings and Noel Leemings.
But the perks don’t stop there! Supporters receive a free entry into our major prize draw for the chance to win cash



Our sales team or yours

Make use of our super telesales team at Adflex to promote your loyalty card program to customers throughout Australia and New Zealand – including face-to-face in-person promotion!

Or you could use your own database and sales team.

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Loyalty Cards are available in physical or digital form, and each card features its own unique Electronic Voucher Discount Code (EVDC) that allows discounts at Australia’s top retailers ( or you can choose your own), and registers them for the draw to win prizes.

Loyalty then donates a fixed amount to the charity of the customer’s choice, or the rewards funded back to the customer’s credit card via our new Partners Platform.

Premium Loyalty Cards are fully compliant with all Australian law. Our processes are supervised by the top Australian lawyer firm Anisimoff legal, and all our prizes are insured by Lloyds of London policies.